Onay Sheard Celestial Boots

Oñay Sheard

Front-end developer by day, artist by night? Wait no... Anyway, drawing is a passion of mine. I love it and I don't feel like myself if I pass by a week without a drawing or two. Whenever I have a minute to myself, I am probably thinking about what to create next.

But why Celestial Boots??

Well, I love all things space and if I didn't have any artistic ability, I'm 99% sure I would've went to school for astrophysics. Also, I have always enjoyed playing video games, particularly RPGs and MMORGS. When you start out, your character has the most basic gear. Sometimes they are literally called Basic Boots or Normal Tunic, etc. I wanted my persona to have the very best, most epic item, and for me that is Celestial Boots. 

Now to get serious... I grew up in a family of artists, surrounded by art, experienced through different mediums. Whether through traditional drawing, to music, to theater, I was immersed in it all, from all directions. Art just became a part of me. Driven by my passion for the arts, I graduated from college with a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design. My career after graduation took a more technical turn; I am a full-time Front End Developer. I feel this part of me has made my drawings more technical and I pay more attention to detail and overall polish. I love drawing people and capturing the spirit of someone through art.